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Club House


The clubhouse is located at the end of Coast Road West Mersea. View Our Location

Within the building there are changing facilities, a galley, and wet area downstairs. Upstairs is the bar and toilets. Access is available with a key at all times to the changing facilities and to the notices downstairs. The upstairs area is open at bar opening times and when events are taking place. The galley is open by arrangement and when events are taking place. A first aid kit is located in the galley together with the accident book, which should be completed whenever there is an accident. A telephone is available in the Office upstairs and in the bar.

The bar and upstairs clubroom

Please do not park on the apron of the club since this area is often needed for manoeuvring boats and is an external seating area in the summer months.

We endeavour to be good neighbours at all times and there are houses very close to the club. At night please try to keep the noise levels down when entering and leaving the club particularly following functions. We would also point out that it is the responsibility of the parents to keep the children under control when they are in and around the club. Please do not allow them to run around people’s houses or in the road making a nuisance of themselves. On the village green adjacent to the club you will see a number of wrecked boats, for safety reasons please ensure children do not climb on them.

Dogs are not allowed upstairs in the clubhouse and please try to avoid taking wet sailing gear into the bar.

The Bar

The bar is staffed for a variety of times through the week and it changes between winter and summer.  Volunteers are also encouraged to support the club assisting behind the bar when they require it outside of staffed hours and during busy open hours.

Dabchicks Sailing Club bar opening times

If you want to check if we're open, call on 01206 383786.

We encourage young people and families to be in the club but they are not allowed to purchase or consume alcohol if they are under the age of 18. In addition people over 18 should not purchase drinks containing alcohol for people under age. Reference Licensing Act 2003.

The prices charged in the club are reviewed regularly and changes made when necessary. If you have any complaints concerning the bar or it operation please refer them to the House Commodore.

Changing rooms

These are located downstairs. Please note that for large events these can become very busy. Try to keep them tidy and your gear in as smaller space as possible. Lost property is a nightmare at DSC so please take all of your things home with you. It also helps since most of us buy kit from the same suppliers that your name is on the garment somewhere. We can then at least attempt to reunite the owner with the item.


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