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Dinghy info

This page has useful information for the following RYA Pathway boats all of which are sailed at Dabchicks. Scroll down to view all boats

Optimist info

International Optimist Class Association Click

Click to view IOCA calendar

Optimist preparation

How to rig an Optimist

IOCA mainsheet hooks

IOCA painters

* Optimist RYA Champion Club Coaching Videos

Dabchicks Optimist Class rep David Allen Email

RS Tera info

UK RS Tera Class Association Click



Topper info

International Topper Class Association (Great Britain) Click

Click to view Eastern area Toppers calendar

Looking after your Topper

* Topper Champion Club Coaching Videos

Topper Eastern area rep arearep.eastern@gbrtopper.co.uk


RS Feva info

UK RS Feva Class Association Click


* Feva Champion Coaching Videos

Laser info

UK Laser Association Click

A number of videos created by Jon Emmett to help you with various aspects of laser sailing. Click

*Laser RYA Champion Coaching Videos

29er info

GBR 29er Association

29er top tips

Class Rules

Class Administrator membership@29ersailing.org.uk

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