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Starting Tuesday 30th June 2020 works will commence on the Essex native oyster restoration project within a defined restoration box, of which the north-west corner is located approximately 500m offshore to the south-east of West Mersea (hereafter referred to as the ‘Restoration Box’). The Restoration Box is approximately 2000m (west to east) by 1000m (north to south).

This work will consist of restoration management, deployment of scallop shell strings and the maintenance of spat collectors within the Restoration Box. These works are expected to take place between 30th June and 10th July 2020. Spat collectors will remain within the yellow danger marked area and Mariners should not enter this marked area.

Mariners are reminded that past work within the restoration box includes the deposition of shell and stone material, Mariners are therefore requested to be mindful of the raised seabed in this location.

Should you have any queries about the works, please contact

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