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Sunset 2023 Boat Inspections


Buoyancy Aid and Clothing - Secure and Suitable?(Required)
Boats Buoyancy - Secure and Stays Inflated?(Required)
Toe Straps - Secure?(Required)
Painter - Secure? 8m x 5mm?(Required)
Bailer - Secure? Ideally 2(Required)
Paddle / Praddle - Secure? Enough line?(Required)
Dagger Board - Bungie and Clip? Secure?(Required)
Rudder / Tiller / Extension - Secure? Pintles? UJ? Clip?(Required)
Mast - Secure?(Required)
Mast Clip - Secure?(Required)
Boom - Secure? Clew? Boom pad?(Required)
Mainsheet and Clip - Check length and clip type(Required)
Kicker - Secure, cleatable, not frayed?(Required)
Sprit - Secure?(Required)
Sprit Halyard - Secure, cleatable, not frayed?(Required)
Burgee - Secure?(Required)
Sail - Condition, 2 battens secure?(Required)
Sail number - Matches application?(Required)
Sail Ties - Mast -Secure and Complete?(Required)
Sail Ties - Boom -Secure and Complete?(Required)
Streamer - Correct Colour?(Required)
Trolley and Label - Sail No and Fleet correct?(Required)
Boat insurance - Parent confirms £3m cover in place?(Required)

Important information for Parents

Important Note to Parents: This check is undertaken in an attempt to ensure that the boat meets a minimum standard. It is a brief visual examination only designed to help us run the sailing/training sessions smoothly. No parts are removed, dismantled or stress-tested. The check is not a marine survey and its purpose is to identify obvious defects that must be corrected before the Optimist can be used in the Sunset Series. Those checking the dinghies are volunteer club members and not qualified professionals. If items are not identified as deficient there is no implication that the boat is seaworthy. It is the responsibility of the owner/parent to satisfy themselves as to the seaworthiness of the boat and professional advice should be sought if there is any doubt.
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