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Kit List / Pointers / Reminders

You need to bring your boat!

Buoyancy aid is more important than your boat!!

The Weather can be highly changeable.
You may need water, sunhat, sunglasses and sun-cream!
You may need woolly hat, gloves, extra fleece, spray-top etc. It could be sunny or even snowing! Remember this is England!!
Always bring a hat. Sailing gloves really make a difference too.

If possible, consider investing into a bow bumper-probably the best money you’ll ever spend on your child’s boat!!

You should also consider padding the boom to prevent knocks to the head. Most people use the grey pipe lagging/insulation and fix it with electrical tape. If you are not sure how to put it on ask a more experienced friend to help–which all Diamond must have attended.
Or you could look at something like protective head gear.

(Please note this is a suggestion only, no products are endorsed or tested by us and any injury sustained as a result of the use of such recommendation is not the responsibility of anyone associated with Sunset Series)

Please bring adequate drinks and make sure you have plenty of energy!

Simon Cook –

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