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Donations for Development

Our Members will all know how membership and levels of activity have grown recently.  Great news!
But whilst the club is generally in good order, there remain four projects which we really need to address to make the club properly fit for our future. To make it possible we are fundraising for these projects.

Scroll down to see a brief description of projects you can help when you donate (online or at the clubhouse).

 You can Donate online and choose your own level of support…

Are you keen to support a project?

None of the projects can be completed without help and significant input of fundraising. Over the coming weeks and months we will be trying to access grants and donations from third parties, but we will also be attempting to raise funds and “donations” (time and skills) from the members,

Many members have already started with:

  • Online purchases commissions turned that into a donation with Easyfundraising
  • Round Up Your Round‘ and cash donations at the bar
  • BACS payments with reference <Project Name> and a quick email to
  • Offers of time & knowledge from members with work-place skills, experience and businesses to help research, manage and implement the projects
  • Increased fundraising social activity for all the family, quizzes, bingo, raffles, race nights
    … and plenty more planned throughout the season.


The current balcony has reached the end of its life and needs some renovation before safety is compromised. This also means changes to the current fire escape to meet present-day regulations and modernising the appearance of the whole thing.

Cash for the

The downstairs classroom floods regularly leading to significant cost in repairs,  by improving the rebuilding the walls for  better tidal resilience and replacing the windows to be more energy efficient, we believe we can make the whole space better for everyone to use all.


The upstairs toilets have required an overhaul for some years. This redesign and upgrade will include the provision of an accessible toilet and a change to the office layout with modern and more hygienic fixtures and fittings.

Raising the

Like everyone the club is facing significantly higher energy costs which we hope to reduce through the use of solar panels fitted to the roof. With a significant base load in the summer, coolers, fridges and deep freezes running 24/7, fitting solar will help us reduce overall energy costs.

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