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Membership Monthly Payments – Terms and Conditions

Members may pay their subscriptions in monthly installments using the clubs’ website Members Zone PayPal gateway.  No other method or ‘term payment’ will be permitted for monthly installments.

Subscriptions are regarded as being annual and payable on the 1st March in any year.  Cessation by a Member of any payment of monthly installments will leave that Member liable for payment of any balance of annual subscription that may still be owed.

Under these Terms & Conditions, monthly means every calendar month. Once the first Monthly installment is activated in the Members Zone, subsequent Monthly Membership installments will be due on the same day of each month. Members who pay by monthly installments are responsible for ensuring monthly payments are made.

Should monthly installments lapse beyond 30 days of the scheduled date, the Member will be liable for payment of any balance of annual subscription that may still be owed, and will cease to be entitled to use the Clubhouse or to enjoy any of the benefits or privileges of the Club so long as the relevant subscription remains outstanding.

If a Member does not pay the outstanding subscription within 60 days of the scheduled payment defaulted upon, then they will cease to be a Member of the Club unless the Committee, for exceptional reasons, decides otherwise.  The Committee are empowered, should they deem it proper, to require the payment of another entrance fee or the balance of the outstanding subscription as a precondition of re-joining in the same or future years.

Added Club Rules at AGM  21st February 2021

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