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Planning Permission Received

Planning Permission Recieved

Members will be aware that the DSC submitted two planning applications to Colchester City council for improvements to the clubs infrastructure;

  1. Installation of Solar panels on the club roof
  2. Replacement of the balcony, installation of flood prevention downstairs and improve energy efficiency by the replacement of the downstairs windows.

We are pleased to say we have received planning permission for both projects.

These permissions together with the upgrading and the amending of the upstairs toilets mean we have 3 projects we hope will make an improvement to the club which will be appreciated by all the membership.

At this stage I should like to say thank you to the members who are in the design and development teams who worked very hard to get this all done.

We have created a small team who are working on the funding of all these projects. We will of course be looking for Grants and Awards for Industrial and National bodies, and where possible help from the wider membership.  Any thoughts or ideas you may have will be greatly appreciated and I would ask you contact the club manager who will handle this alongside the funding team. The Club needs all of us to get this done.

Our first priority remains as a sailing club, but these upgrades and improvements are very important to the longevity of the club, please continue to support us.

Best wishes

Paul Jackson

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